Duran Duran 1980’s Discography

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Duran Duran → A Diamond In The Mind

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Duran Duran » A Diamond In The Mind (backstage)

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»Girl Panic

I LAUgh. Roger is so awkward. He’s like “I’m not getting paid enough, no way.”

duran duran in videos ♣ 1981-1986 

Duran Duran,pioneers of the music video.

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this photo wins, hahahaha


Richard Barbieri (of  Japan/Porcupine Tree) playing around on his single-cabinet Roland System 700 at the Roland Synth Show a few hours ago now is just about the best I’ve ever heard a synth sound. He didn’t even play the keyboard, just messed around with the oscillators, filters, envelopes and S&H functions whilst pulsating bass and whooshing noise flowed from speaker to speaker.  Needless to say, I want one of these units now.  808state and Way Out West collaborated using a TR-909, TE-707, TB-303, a Juno 6 and an SH-101 and that all went a bit wrong because they hadn’t rehearsed…

I also got to play some (very) old analog Juno and Jupiter series synths, which made the current near-£3000 digital Jupiter 80 sound like a cheap, tacky toy in comparison. There was also a TR-808 on display. 

Considering it was essentially a thinly-veiled advert for Roland under the guise of a 40th anniversary celebration, all it convinced me was that Roland have produced nothing decent since 1987, but the stuff they made before then was top notch